There have been lots of discussions of AI – and especially generative type of it during the past few years. Since becoming public in the end of 2022, particularly ChatGPT has made this topic even more popular. Several issues in the field of logistics are complex and may benefit of using AI. We organized another webinar regarding this particular issue ”ChatGPT & Logistics” in Finnish already in 10th of Jan this year.

This second edition on 5th of March 2024 gave additional insights into topic starting from general success factors and experiences of using AI and broadening into international insights both by research and practitioners. We like to share the recording and materials of the event here:

CONTENT AND SPEAKERS (links to slides on Blue):

The event was held under our AILOG4.0 – Artificial Intelligence Enforced Logistics 4.0 – project, which is co-funded by Helsinki-Uusimaa Region AKKE funding.

More information:

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