LIMOWA Logistics Centre Cluster

Modern logistics centre is so much more than just a warehouse

Modern logistics centers are very important hubs for the various business processes and functions of the companies. All around the world there are larger and larger and ever more multi-functional logistics centers recently opened. Finland as a high-tech and logistically advanced country benefits of the wide variety of companies specialized in the various aspects related to this development

LIMOWA is focused into logistics hubs

The LIMOWA Logistics Centre Cluster is a Finnish network association to develop and support logistics centre competence area.

LIMOWA works close to its member organizations supporting their business and export activities, especially into Eastern Europe. LIMOWA is nationwide, open and impartial. LIMOWA is hosted by Technology Center TechVilla in Hyvinkää.

LIMOWA coordinates development projects, organizes public funding and promotes networking in logistics centre area. Development ventures are focused for example research, pilot, application, marketing or cooperation projects.

LIMOWA collects and shares current information through its member occasions and internet site (


  • A finnish nationwide network of international reach for logistics development and co-operation.
  • LIMOWA’s operations are company-oriented, promoting business activities and exports.
  • LIMOWA is national, open and impartial. LIMOWA is part of Finland’s governmental Centre of Expertise programme
  • Primary targets for development are logistics centres and models for their design, construction, development and operation.
  • The cluster aims to promote the availability of development resources and financing, to stimulate development of logistics infrastructure, and to influence public policy decisions.


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