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HRI Virtual Fair 20.9.2023 14:00-16:00 EET (Helsinki Ring of Industry)

20/09/23 @ 14:00 - 16:00

Location geography has been an important area of studies for a long time, and on investment decisions, location itself is one of the key features, particularly in question of facilities, logistics, and real estate. There exist several other issues too, such as availability of green energy, quality and wellbeing of society and especially availability of skilled workforce, as well as, R&D capabilities.

The question of location has been topic for LIMOWA Association from transportation system perspective: which are the optimal nodes, how many of them, and what kind of services in each node should be. Furthermore, when taking a look from national perspective, it is important to evaluate not only the demand for transportation in Finland, but to see the development of global trade and then material flows – which maybe now in change again, due to the geopolitical tensions. The ongoing shifts in flows have happened relatively quickly, but in general the time horizon in transportation system investments are much longer than in normal economic cycles.

LIMOWA has been involved several years also in ”digital renewal of manufacturing”, and see the role of logistics and SCM, particularly digitalization, materials handling and intralogistics, as a one key to master high tech production – particularly in the case of high mix & low volume products, such as intelligent machines, elevators, lifts etc. which are tailored and assembled based on individual customer requirements. In 2020 we published our own ”Vision and Roadmap Towards Next Generation Factory”, and are eager to update our thoughts with our stakeholders in the hot topic Industry/Logistics4.0 including state-of-the-art developments such as Artificial Intelligence. The ecosystem we have here in our region may help also newcomers to make their businesses more productive, increase quality in production or enhance it in some other dimension – and therefore we invite new actors to join into discussion.

One event describing the backgrounds and investment opportunities in Greater Helsinki Area will be held as a ”Virtual Fair” and organized by HRI – Helsinki Ring of Industry – starting on 20th Sept 2023 at 2.p.m (EET). LIMOWA itself is not organizing or supporting party in this particular event, but we have been involved in the community, see opportunities in manufacturing, logistics and related R&D investments in the area, and therefore, are eager to share information regarding that event.

Please take a look into organizer’s webpage and participate the event.

LIMOWA Assocition is available for your needs regarding the questions of ”next generation factory and Industry 4 or 5.0” from logistics, materials handling etc. perspectives, as well as, issues related to location of logistics and/or manufacturing facilities, digitalization, automation etc.

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14:00 - 16:00


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