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LIMOWA Logistics Cluster 

LIMOWA – network for logistics development and co-operation

LIMOWA provides new opportunities for logistics related companies co-operation.

We combine the information, future technologies and logistics professionals.

Together we boost our member companies competitiveness.

LIMOWA (LIfting, MOving, WArehousing)

The LIMOWA Logistics Cluster is a Finnish network association to develop and support intelligent logistics solutions and boost the competitiveness of Finnish companies.

LIMOWA works close to its member organizations supporting their business and export activities. In our network we have logistics professionals from various sectors. Our common desire is to see logistics as competitive advantage and we have the will to develop Finnish logistics even better. LIMOWA is nationwide, open and impartial.

LIMOWA is also involved in logistics development projects. We are member of

  • ALICE, the European Technology Platform for Logistics
  • EUROPLATFORMS EEIG, The European Logistics Platforms Association

Our main focus working groups at the moment are:

  • Intralogistics
  • E-commerce
  • Logistics Centers


LIMOWA Logistics Cluster

  • A finnish nationwide network of international reach for logistics development and co-operation.
  • LIMOWA’s operations are company-oriented, promoting business activities and exports.
  • LIMOWA is national, open and impartial.
  • Primary targets for development are intralogistics, e-commerce and logistics centers.
  • The cluster aims to promote the availability of development resources and financing, to stimulate development of logistics infrastructure, and to influence public policy decisions.
    Mr. Heikki Lahtinen started 1st of July 2021 as acting Executive Director for LIMOWA Locistics Cluster


     Mr. Henri Ahlqvist will leave to new challenges in August. His phone number will remain the same.

    New acting Executive Director Mr. Heikki Lahtinen has been involved in LIMOWA for a long time and is the right person to take care of the operation at this point.

     Contact information to Mr. Heikki Lahtinen:

    Phone: +35850 342 4056

    email: heikki.lahtinen(a)

Kankurinkatu 4-6, HYVINKÄÄ
y-tunnus: 2201289-7


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